Buying Lingerie Made Easy & Fun

Some people love lingerie, some people hate it, and others are interested, but may get cold feet when trying it on. You might not be able to cure cold feet with the purchase of sexy lingerie (unless stockings are part of your ensemble), but chances are, you will feel pretty hot! It is much easier and less intimidating than it might seem. Here are some tips and tricks for finding the perfect set for you, and making lingerie shopping a breeze! 


Before we begin...

There are a few things you should keep in mind when buying lingerie if you are nervous about doing so.


To determine your size, you should visit your local lingerie store or boutique where you will be professionally measured. This will prevent you from purchasing lingerie online that does not fit properly and leaves you feeling frustrated. Or that completely deters your lacy sails.

You be You

Despite the importance of knowing your sizes, you should not feel insecure about them. The more you know about them, the more likely you are to receive lingerie that fits you perfectly, which in turn will enable you to look and feel your best. It is precisely for this reason that lingerie exists.


To complement that last tip, you should always purchase lingerie that makes you feel comfortable. Don't buy something just because you think it will make your partner happy, because if it doesn't suit you, you may end up feeling uncomfortable. The confidence you exude when you feel great in your lingerie will make you sexier than any garter belt could ever be!

Matching Set

Last but not least, choose matching sets made from high-quality fabrics. A uniform look, whether it is a bra and pantyhose or a corset and stockings, greatly enhances the experience for both of you. When you choose high-quality materials, you can be sure that your new favorite undergarments will last for a long time and will not snag or tear after a few wears. The cost may be a bit higher up front, but it is an investment you will not regret.

      Types of Lingerie

      The lingerie market can be categorized into a few simple categories, such as pants, bras, and corsets, but the sexy subsect of undergarments has a lot more to offer than just those three categories. After reading this lingerie buying guide, you'll be able to distinguish corsets and bustiers with ease!

      anties, bras and corsets. However, there's a lot more diversity in this sexy subsect of undergarments than just those three categories. By the end of this lingerie buying guide, you'll be able to spot the differences between corsets and bustiers like a pro!


      Bustier Corset Sexy Lingerie Emerald

      As we mentioned, bustiers are similar to corsets in that they smooth your torso and cinch your waist, but they have a very special function that makes you look...well, bustier. With the cups on a bustier, your breasts appear more attractive as they are pushed up and together.


      Whether you are wearing a corset under your clothes or on its own, corsets are a sexy way of smoothing and cinching your figure. In general, they are fastened with hooks and eyes, or with lacing along the back, to ensure that everything is securely fastened. You can choose from classic neutrals like white, nude tones or black, or you can go bold with colors that are sure to make you feel amazing!



      Teddie Lingerie Wine Teddy Lace Velvet


      In terms of lingerie, teddies are considered bodysuits. However, teddies are more revealing, often featuring plunging necklines, delicate mesh, and flirty lace or leather designs. 

      Teddy bears are considered lingerie, so they should only be worn in the bedroom unless you are feeling particularly daring.



      Pink Babydoll Sexy Lingerie Set Plus Curvy


      It is best to think of babydolls as flowy corsets. It usually has cups, just like a bra, for support, as well as flowing silk or lace material that hangs below. The material usually ends at your hips so that you can see the cute pants underneath. This is a classic, knockout style that can make anyone feel great, and many babydolls come with matching pants!



      Red Hollywood Chemise Sexy Lingerie


      A chemise is similar to a babydoll in length, but has a more fitted appearance, similar to a 

      Unlike a slip, chemises are made from sexy silks and sheer lace, often in vibrant colors that are sure to catch the eye of your partner as well. Chemises are often accompanied by matching pantyhose, as well.

      Garter Sets

      Whether you clip it to your pants or use an extra belt, garter belts are the MVP of lingerie sets because they hold your stockings in place. This style is usually paired with corsets or bustiers, but can also be paired with a matching bra. This look is definitely worth trying whether you are a professional lingerie wearer or just feeling adventurous.

      Garter Belt Stocking Set Black Lace Lingerie


      Stockings Thigh High Leggings Black Lingerie


      Stockings are like pantyhose, but instead of being connected as a single piece, you get one for each leg. They are often worn with garters and corsets as part of the quintessential lingerie set. You can choose from classic neutrals or bold colors such as red, blue and royal purple. 

      I have a rockin' body, which lingerie is best for me? 

      Purchasing lingerie is about finding pieces that make you feel comfortable and sensual in your own skin. As we mentioned before, as long as you have the right measurements, anything will work! However, we can make a few recommendations based on your body type to assist you.


      This body shape describes individuals with fairly uniform measurements between the shoulders, waist, and hips. It is sometimes called a "banana" or "rectangle" body shape. Corsets are the best way to add curves to your waist. A bustier is the obvious choice if you wish to enhance your bust. Pair it with matching pants and you'll have one outstanding look. 


      In addition to being called the "hourglass" figure, you might have it if your shoulders and hips are approximately the same size, but your waist is approximately the same size. To emphasize your waist, wear a pair of high-waisted pants and a matching bra. Teddy bears and bodysuits are always a great choice! 


      Your upper body is wider than your lower body. This body type is also known as an apple shape. Babydolls, negligees, and chemises, which flow out luxuriously while still emphasizing the bust, look amazing on larger torsos. You are ready to rock your partner's world with your babydoll paired with a cute pair of pants!

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