How to supercharge your sexual life with electrosex

Generally, sex leaves us aching for more. Sure, romance and intimacy may play a significant role in why we choose to engage in passionate lovemaking, but sometimes it is merely a matter of satisfying our specific needs. Our bedroom fun can even be enhanced if we add a certain spark to enhance the experience, even if we have a great sex life. 

It is a thrilling way to make you or your partner tremble with pleasure when you are involved in electrosex (also known as electrostimulation, e-stim or electric play). As a facet of BDSM, electrosex uses electric sex toys to stimulate the senses throughout intercourse, from foreplay to climax. The downside to this type of play is that if you do not know how to practice it properly, it can pose a risk to your sexual life. Angel's Secret is here to help! In this article, we'll discuss electrosex in greater detail and how to safely engage in it. 


It is likely that you have not heard of electrosex because electric play is a relatively uncommon fetish as a result of its nature. However, it is not to say that electrosex is wrong or frowned upon; it is simply a form of BDSM that few people enjoy because electric currents are a common fear or turn off. It is important to understand electrosex before engaging in it, however. 

As part of the electrorosex procedure, electrical impulses are transmitted through toys to stimulate nerve endings throughout the body. Those on the receiving end experience rushes of power that heighten the senses and allow the brain to release endorphins, making each orgasm all the more pleasurable and exhilarating. E-stim toys, also known as electro-stim toys, are conductive metal toys or e-stim toys that can be applied to the nipples, vagina, or anus as desired.


It is a legitimate concern that electric sex toys can cause discomfort during intercourse. After all, high-voltage electricity is dangerous, and even a small amount can cause discomfort in some individuals. We strongly recommend that pregnant women, those with heart conditions, and those with health conditions that may be adversely affected by regular electrical currents entering their bodies refrain from using electro stim toys, despite the fact that these toys generate an appropriate and safe amount of voltage when utilized correctly. 

If you are able to use electric sex toys without any problems, here are three ways to engage in electrosex safely. 

1. Ensure that E-Stim toys are used as directed

Please do not use electric sex toys anywhere other than their intended use. The electrical impulses in electric sex toys can damage your brain or heart if placed close to your heart, head or neck. As long as the toys are kept on your nipples and away from your heart, it is fine to use nipple suckers or clamps. Otherwise, use your creativity within the confines of the toy's intended use.

2. Electrosex should be introduced slowly

Just like any other fun moment of sex, electrosex requires you to gradually work your way up to achieve the most intense pleasure. Electrosex requires you to determine what works and what doesn't. In order to establish an understanding of how the sensation will feel when you and your partner begin using electro sex toys, start at the lowest setting. When you are both comfortable with the sensation, start increasing the power after a while to determine how much voltage you are both capable of handling. With little understanding of how the product works, you may cause harm or may discourage you and your partner from using electric sex toys again if you use the highest power right away. 

3. Ensure that everyone is comfortable

In the beginning, you may experience some discomfort from electro sex toys if you are not accustomed to them. Do not proceed further than you originally intended if it becomes uncomfortable for you or your partner. Additionally, make sure your partner is completely onboard with using electric sex toys. Electrosex may be a turn-on for you, but could also result in pain or discomfort for your partner. Due to the fact that electrosex is more rare than other areas of BDSM, you will need to sit down with your partner and discuss whether you would like to include it in your sex life.


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