The Best Sex Furniture for More Than Just Sitting

There is something fun about having sex on furniture. But using special sex furniture? That's a whole new level of fun. Here are some of the best sex furniture you can use in your bedroom (or sex dungeon). If you do not have the space for sex furniture, don't worry, you can transform any piece into a sex item with the right sheets or even a sex swing. Keep reading to find the perfect piece for your space or desires. 


In addition to enriching any sexual experience, sexual furniture can serve as a means of introducing BDSM newbies to sexual exploration and adventure. It is a type of furniture that can enhance sexual experience, make it more enjoyable, and even enhance BDSM newbies' sexual experience. The right sex chair or "fuck bench" can help fulfill a sexual fantasy or simply make more advanced positions possible. It can also assist with flexibility, endurance, or physical limitations. Despite the fact that any piece of furniture can be transformed into sex furniture, it cannot compete with adult furniture or sheets specifically designed to facilitate sexual activity.


You can find a wide variety of sexual furniture in all shapes, sizes, and orientations. There is an option for every taste and budget, whether you are looking for an affordable piece that can be collapsed and hidden away or a statement-making sex machine for your boudoir. These are just a few of our favorites!

Dance Poles

A Power Pole Exercise & Dance Pole allows you to explore your inner sex goddess whether you are new to the world of sex furniture or have always dreamed of mastering an erotic dance. It is easy to install dance poles on any flat ceiling, so you can feel safe and secure while spinning around. They also provide a great workout, so make sure you are prepared to sweat! Check out our selection of role play lingerie and bra and panty sets if you are interested in playing up the erotic dancer fantasy. 

Sex Swings

A sex swing provides a broader range of motion, which opens up a whole new world of position possibilities when propped up for play. They are an intimate way to prop up your partner for play. Swings can be temporarily attached to doors or beds, or they can be freestanding using swing stands. You can choose to store this versatile piece of sex furniture when not in use or make it a permanent addition to your bedroom or sex dungeon when you are not using it. You should consider your space and which option will be the most comfortable and safest for you and your partner. For more information on finding the right swing for you and your partner, please refer to our guide to using a sex swing.

Queening Chairs

Queening chairs are designed specifically for optimal oral use and can make you feel both titillatingly vulnerable and extremely powerful at the same time. The kinging stool is also known as the sex throne or a smother box, and it is ideal for both foreplay and penetration. The queen chair or bench is usually used by one person, and their partner receives oral care from the head of their partner seated underneath the chair when using it. Both givers and receivers can benefit from this popular piece of furniture. 

Sex Benches

Whatever you call it, bondage benches are adjustable tables that allow you to strap your partner to a bondage board for a heightened sexual experience. The majority of sex benches have convenient access points to the face, nipples, and genitals. They are extremely flexible, enabling you to attain that perfect position. The Obedience Extreme Sex Bench is the peak of kinky, mind-blowing BDSM. For teasing, extra-deep penetration, and punishment-or-reward scenarios that are creative, you can secure your partner face up or down. 

Adjustable Kennels And Cages

Would you or your partner like to experience submission fantasies? The Adjustable Kennel with Padded Board may be the cage you have been searching for. This super-special piece of adult furniture is a sexy way to consensually confine your playmate while satisfying both parties' sexual desires. All of your BDSM tools, including wrist restraints and sex collars, can be connected to this adjustable cage, making it ideal for sex dungeons, basements or bedrooms. 

Sex Machines

MOD LOVE Deluxe Thruster Kit is a thrusting, vibrating sex machine that can be used by either one or both parties. It comes with a dildo and/or pussy stroker that can be activated by pressing a button. These kinky machines can be easily attached to walls or floors using sturdy suction cups, and are easily repositioned to provide new and exciting experiences by adjusting their positions. For an erotic romp, you can observe your partner penetrated or share the pleasure with them. Additionally, these bad boys can be stowed away when not in use. 

Sex Beds

Make your own sex bed or sex couch using waterproof sheets if you do not have the space to purchase specialty sex furniture or just want to dip your toe in the water before diving deep. Even the wettest and wildest erotic adventures will be accommodated by Kink Wet Works Waterproof Sheets in queen and king sizes. The sheets are made from polyurethane fabric, which allows you to get as sinful as you like. Once you have finished, simply wash the sheets. As a result, it is the ideal companion for trying out new positions, using lubes and massage candles, or just getting wet in any way you like. 


You can trick out your sex dungeon or experiment with BDSM with Angel's Secret. We carry a great selection of adult sex furniture, bondage toys and more to enhance your sexual experience. For more information regarding installation of your new adult furniture, please contact our customer service team. 

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