There's a secret out! How to wear lingerie as outerwear

Additionally, lingerie is another sex-related item that we like to keep secret from others, aside from the sex toys that make bedroom adventures so enjoyable. The same could be said about our regular underwear as well, but lingerie has an extra layer of mystique, only coming out when you want to look hot AF. Nevertheless, it is a shame, because lingerie is such beautiful and flattering that you almost wish you could wear it as outerwear on a regular basis.

The trend to wear lingerie as clothing — ordinary clothing — has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way of boldly highlighting your unmentionables. Angel's Secret is here to assist you in understanding all the ways in which your favorite lingerie pieces can be brought to life.

Lingerie as outerwear: general tips

It is essential that you wear lingerie as clothing in a manner that is comfortable for you in the first place. This is an important rule that should be followed with all clothing, since no matter how good you look in something, it will most likely collect dust in your wardrobe if you are not comfortable wearing it (physically and mentally). Fortunately, you can seamlessly blend your lingerie with the rest of your outfit in a way that is appropriate for going out while still looking absolutely stunning.

  1. Choose a piece with good breast padding so you're supported and don't have any awkward nipple protrusion.
  2. If your favorite piece doesn't have padding, add a regular or strapless bra underneath, depending on which best complements the cut. You can also go with pasties if a bra just isn't workin' it. 
  3. Layer! Throw on a jacket, cardigan, kimono or other outerwear that lets you show off your lingerie's prettiness in a slightly more subtle way. You can also wear your lingerie over top of your clothes for a bold, unique look...that also keeps you warm.

It is important to remember that all of these suggestions for being comfortable while wearing lingerie as outerwear are just suggestions. If you want to wear jeans or shorts over your favorite teddy, go for it!

The best lingerie for outerwear

There are some lingerie pieces that can be easily styled as outerwear. The most popular are lingerie teddies and bodysuits. With Teddies, you can get the look of a tucked-in shirt when paired with pants or skirts, but without constantly fiddling with keeping everything neatly tucked in. Moreover, it gives you a much sleeker silhouette than a regular tucked in shirt.


Lingerie Outerwear Black Lace Teddy


It is also possible to layer bodystockings. It is possible to create a cohesive "tights and tank top" look by simply putting a skirt or pair of shorts over your bodystocking, which is actually all one piece. For those who wish to be especially daring, some bodystockings can even be worn by themselves. 

It is not uncommon for teddies and bodysuits to be used as outerwear for lingerie, however you can explore other options as well. Since they are part of the same lingerie family, corsets and bustiers can look similar to teddies as well. There's no need to awkwardly insert a bra underneath bralette crop tops since you have all the support you need built right in (in certain styles). The sky's the limit when it comes to lingerie as outerwear! Here are some tips on how to get started. 

Lingerie as outerwear

Starting small is the best way to get started if you are not sure where to start. Select a single piece that offers a lot of flexibility. Afterwards, visualize your desired silhouette: something flowing and luxurious? Or something tight and tough? Androgynous? Ultrafeminine? The choice is yours! There are several ways to style lingerie as outerwear, but we'd be lying if we said we did not have a few favorites. Try a few as you begin your journey to wearing lingerie as clothing! 

When worn under a jacket

Lingerie can also be worn as outerwear if coupled with a stylish jacket. You can wear a denim jacket, a leather jacket, a bomber jacket or a puffy jacket, you name it! Teddies and corsets are perfect for this style of dressing, which usually involves wearing the jacket over pants, shorts or skirts. There are so many possibilities depending on the pieces you choose to layer with, from casual to dressy and from femme to grunge. You can wear it every day of the week by simply changing the top layers.

The Underside of Something Sheer

Wearing a teddy or bodysuit underneath a sheer dress is a bold and flowing look. You can also wear a bra or bralette beneath a lacy or sheer blouse to display your favorite colorful accessories. 

Shirts worn over blouses

The use of a corset over a blouse is also a fashion statement that turns the corset into a belt, giving you a sleek silhouette while wearing an otherwise flowy or oversized blouse.

Wrap it Up

The same as the jacket style, wearing a corset or bodysuit under a wrap or kimono is a stylish way to wear lingerie as clothing. Do you have a lingerie robe or puffer that you usually wear around the house for fashion? Wear it outside with tights or straight leg jeans to create a striking and unique ensemble. 

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